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Introduces The KX-2

The KX2 robot provides you with flexible, safe, reliable automation and has been designed to meet a need in the market for capable robotics, accessible to laboratories of all sizes.

About Us

Peak Robotics was founded in 1989 under the name MEKAnize Inc. Our primary focus was custom automation and motion control products that later expanded into a standard product line. As our business grew, we sought to make long lasting relationships through providing customers with quality products and services to build fully integrated systems.

In 2012, Peak Robotics merged with Process Analysis and Automation to create Peak Analysis and Automation. After the merger, our focus changed to laboratory solutions and integrations, and we continued to expand our product and service offerings. In 2020, Peak Analysis and Automation (PAA) was acquired by Directech Group of Companies. Directech is a provider of custom industrial and automation solutions for markets such as the automotive, national processing, and distribution facilities. As part of this acquisition, our company went back to its best-known name as Peak Robotics. Peak Robotics has returned to custom robotics and redirected focus on laboratory automation, rather than system integration.

How will you create your lab of the future?

Whether your focus is on research and development or Laboratory Automation, we have the perfect solution for you with our specialized products.

Laboratory Robots

Peak robotics Laboratorv robots redenine lad auromation with precision and ernciencv. Seamlessly integrating into diverse labs, they optimize workflows in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and academia. Advanced sensors, intelligent algorithms, and customizable contigurations ensure consistent results and maximum procuctivitv. Experience the tuture or lab. automation with Peak Robotics.

Modular Automation

Iraditional Static automatea platorms, centerea arouna licula nanalers or robots, orten leave valuable equipment underutilized. The Smart Cart revolutionizes this by offering a fully mobile life support system for lab equipment and robots. This modular approach enhances productivity and eiciency by eliminating the need for static workcells, allowing for dynamic use oT instrumentation.


Discover Peak Robotics Microplate Storage solutions, designed for erncient and organized lab eigurains Our prims ensure ate arise miris store with cust male aces. reducine contamination risks. Ideal for pnarmaceutical. academic. and biotech labs. our solutions. offer unmatched reliability and convenience. Experience Peak Robotics' innovation in microplate.


Peak Robotics Instruments provide unmatched efficiency in lab automation. The Automate.IT Ultra™ integrates into liquid handling systems, offering ultrasonic cleaning in 30 seconds with customizable solvents. Ine O-Lib microplate delader simpunes Sample nanduing with automatic operation and easy installation. Experience smarter, greener lab automation with Peak Robotics.


Docking Stations, the 4X2 Gripper, and the Teach Plate, The Re-cry Nest and 450m platform expand capabilities. Petri Jish stacks boost samole handuns, and kobot ringers ensure precise manipulation. Maximize your robotics' potential with Peak Robotics accessories.


Discover the exceptional support services we ofter to keep vour operations running smoothlv! Whether you need extended on-site assistance with our On-Site Additional Days, expert remote support for resolving non-mechanical issues, or professional on-site service for training and diagnosis, we ve got you covered. Uur Un-site Install ensures seamless product setup right at your location. Plus, enjoy a 35% discount on all services with a Service Agreement.


Team of specialists

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