Laboratory Robots

Introducing Laboratory Robots by Peak Robotics: the pinnacle of lab automation technology. Engineered with precision and innovation, our robots streamline scientific research with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Equipped with advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms, they seamlessly integrate into diverse laboratory environments, optimizing workflows and accelerating discoveries in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and academia. With customizable configurations and user-friendly interfaces, our robots adapt effortlessly to unique research needs, from routine assays to high-throughput screening, ensuring consistent results and maximizing productivity. Experience the future of laboratory automation with Peak Robotics’ Laboratory Robots, where precision meets innovation to redefine scientific possibilities.

Modular Automation

The traditional structure of static automated platforms has changed little over time. They consist of either a liquid hander centric platform or a robot based automated systems.
Either way valuable assets are tied into platforms in awkward positions idling when they could be used more efficiently.
Smart Cart is a fully mobile life support system for lab equipment or lab robots. It reimagines what modular automation is eliminating the need for locating high value equipment into static automated workcells.
It provides the foundation to a more productive, efficient & dynamic use of instrumentation.


Discover Microplate Storage Solutions by Peak Robotics, the epitome of efficiency and organization for laboratory environments. Meticulously engineered, our cutting-edge systems ensure the safe and precise storage and management of microplates. Offering customizable configurations and intelligent design, Peak Robotics’ solutions optimize space utilization and streamline workflows, providing quick access to valuable samples while mitigating the risk of contamination or damage. Whether in pharmaceutical research, academic labs, or biotechnology facilities, our storage solutions deliver unmatched reliability and convenience, empowering scientists to focus on their research with confidence. Experience the pinnacle of microplate management with Peak Robotics, where innovation and reliability redefine laboratory efficiency.


Instruments by Peak Robotics offer unparalleled efficiency and convenience in laboratory automation. The Automate.IT Ultra™ seamlessly integrates into liquid handling systems, providing ultrasonic cleaning in 30 seconds or less with customizable solvent options and chemically resistant pump heads. Meanwhile, the D-LID laboratory microplate delidder revolutionizes sample handling with its simple functionality, fit-and-forget installation, and automatic operation, enhancing system throughput without the need for external connections or software drivers. Experience smarter, greener, and more versatile laboratory automation with Peak Robotics Instruments.


Peak Robotics offers a comprehensive range of accessories designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of robotic systems. From Carousels and Docking Stations to the precision-engineered KX2 Gripper and intuitive Teach Plate, our accessories cater to diverse automation needs. The Re-Grip Nest ensures seamless handling of various objects, while the 450mm platform expands robotic capabilities to accommodate larger tasks. Petri Dish Stacks optimize sample handling efficiency, while our Robot Fingers provide precise manipulation for delicate operations. With Peak Robotics accessories, maximize the potential of your robotic systems with reliability and ease.