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KX2 Gripper
KX2 Gripper
KX2 Gripper
KX2 Gripper
KX2 Gripper

KX2 Gripper


This gripper was developed specifically for challenging laboratory environments. It incorporates proven technology that was developed for the demanding semiconductor industry.

Description: The KX2 Gripper is an electric actuator designed primarily for handling SBS microtiter plates in laboratory automation systems. It is also suitable for light industrial applications. 

Technology: The KX2 Gripper has a pair of symmetrically actuated fingers driven by a miniature gearmotor. A 1D/2D barcode scanner is integrated into the gripper. An optical sensor is mounted on the bottom of the gripper for plate presence verification.

Controller: The KX2 Gripper is servo-driven with motor drive electronics integrated into the gripper. This drive communicates with the controlling PC via an RS232 serial port.

User Inputs: There are two digital inputs available for use. These are described in more detail in the User’s Manual.

User-Supplied PC: A standard PC with Windows 7 or newer is required to communicate with and direct the gripper. The gripper connects to the PC via two RS232 ports (one for gripper control and another for the barcode reader).

Settings Window: For debugging, a graphical user interface called “KX2 Gripper Settings” is provided as part of the DLL.

Universal DLL: The gripper control software is an x86 .NET 4.0 DLL (Dynamic Link Library) created in Visual Studio. The end-user is responsible for supplying a host application for writing system sequences. The host application can be written using any software development tool capable of interfacing with a .NET DLL, such as VB, C++, C#, Java, etc. The DLL can also be accessed as a COM object by using the .TLB file that is installed in the same directory as the DLL.

Scheduling Software: As an option, Overlord, a laboratory scheduling application, is available for developing system sequences. Please visit for more information.

Power: The gripper must be supplied with 24VDC power (1A min. required). A power supply is not provided with the gripper.



Max Payload: 500g (1.1lb)

Travel 26.15mm: (1.03in) per finger

Speed (Max): 47 mm/s (1.85 in/sec)

Torque/Thrust: 22N (5 lbs)

Encoder Resolution: 3183 counts/mm (motion of single finger)

Weight: 530g (1.17 lbs) with Side-Grip Fingers

Dimensions: Ø76.2mm (3in) x 54.74mm (2.155in) Tall

Power: 24VDC, 1A Max (user provided)

Safety: Emergency Stop Circuit (Stop Cat. 1)

User I/O: 2 Digital Inputs

Encoder: Incremental

Finger Options: Top-Grip, Side-Grip, Side-Grip-Portrait-Jog, Custom

PC Interface: Serial RS232 (two ports)