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Linear Rail, 1000mm
Linear Rail, 1000mm
Linear Rail, 1000mm
Linear Rail, 1000mm

Linear Rail, 1000mm


The KX2 Linear Rail works seamlessly with the KX2 collaborative laboratory robot to provide extended access for larger systems. The KX2 Linear Rail is controlled via the same software that controls the KX2 Robot and is treated as simply an additional robot axis.

Models:  LRKX2-500, LRKX2-1000, LRKX2-1500, LRKX2-2000

Workspace:  Increases the reach of the robot by the stroke of the selected linear rail model

Included Products:

  • Mounting Hardware
  • KX2 Robot CAN/USB Jumper Cable 

Color:  Gray



The KX2 Linear Rail offers innovative benefits that make it the ideal choice for handling microplates within the laboratory:

High Speed

A maximum speed of 0.75 m/s allows the linear rail to move quickly from one end of a large system to the other, increasing efficiency.

Quiet Operation

The helical planetary gearing and belt drive keeps audible noise to a minimum.


Simply move the linear rail and robot to the correct position and with a touch of a button the teaching is complete.  Quick, simple, and revolutionary.

Intelligent motion control

The linear rail and robot execute synchronized motion simultaneously. This improves efficiency and simplifies setup.

Easy to integrate

USB interface provides easy connection to host PC. Linear rail and KX2 can be added to existing systems, expanding capability and throughput. 

Standard I/O built-in

Digital and Analogue I/O available at the linear rail connector panel for interfacing and controlling other devices.

Numerous options

Every application is unique and with a wide selection of options including linear rail length and various KX2 robot options, the linear rail and robot are suited for most applications. 

Manufactured exclusively by Peak Robotics

The KX2 Linear Rail is designed, manufactured, and supported directly by Peak through its global offices.


Product Name:  LRKX2-1000

Lead Time:  9 weeks

Max Payload of Robot on Rail:  500g (1.1lb) – Max payload may require reduced robot acceleration

Travel: 500 mm (LRKX2-500), 1000 mm (LRKX2-1000), 1500 mm (LRKX2-1500), 2000 mm (LRKX2-2000)

Speed (Max):  750 mm/s (410 mm/s for collaborative applications)

Acceleration (max): 1200 mm/s2

Encoder Resolution: 8192 counts/mm

Repeatability: +/- 0.1 mm

Overall Length:  1047 mm (LRKX2-500), 1547 mm (LRKX2-1000), 2047 mm (LRKX2-1500), 2547 mm (LRKX2-2000)

Weight:  23 kg (LRKX2-500), 31 kg (LRKX2-1000), 39 kg (LRKX2-1500), 47 kg (LRKX2-2000)

Power: The standard KX2 Robot power supply powers both the robotic arm and linear rail. No separate supply required.

Input Power: 80-264 VAC), 1Φ, 47-63 Hz, 5.6 A Max @ 115VAC (2.8 A Max @ 230VAC)

Power Supply Dims: 240 mm x 160 mm x 90 mm (9.5 in x 6.3 in x 3.5 in)

Safety:  Position Error Sensing, Emergency Stop Button (Stop Cat. 1)

Encoders:  17-bit Absolute (Absolute encoders mean the linear rail always knows where it is – right out of the box and even after power failures).

Teaching:  Drag-to-teach, one-touch teach button on robot